Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21, 2012

Today was an interesting day. I woke up feeling crummy and then as the day went on I felt better. I have ended the day with my upper body hurting really good. I have had stress from all the drama in the house so perhaps this is why I feel like garbage.

I am going to a new Physical Therapist on Friday which is good since I'm starting to go into reverse. I bought 20 2 liter bottles of water for our emergency water storage and I didn't feel so good after lifting them into the cart so this tells me that my body isn't liking that at all. We are now paying out of pocket for my PT so this is an added expense that we now have. I'm hoping to do well and gain normal mobility. I'm trying to learn and be okay with the speed of this recovery. I just want it over with and was brought down to earth that this takes a lot of time. I know I know well maybe I really don't know anything.

I am still adjusting to my glasses but I think they are keepers. I got my Prada case yesterday which is great since it came with a little cleaning cloth too. It's a nice case and it's possible to hold another pair of glasses. I may have to get transitional options for my lenses.

Today I missed Co-op but hope to make it to park on Friday. I'm sure I'll be exhausted with PT in the middle of park but good that I'll be in the area. Paxton has been acting out a lot but after the past year I can't say that I blame him much. He is such an emotional kid and extra sensitive while being tough. I think we forget how tender kids hearts are and how they want to make things better while feeling helpless at the same time.

I'm working and have been working on our yearbook pages. I'm done with a good part of all of them so hopefully I complete them in the next week or so rather than the last minute.

I love homeschooling my boys and I'm blessed to have a fabulous hubby that allows me to do this. He is a great leader of our family and makes me feel so safe.

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