Monday, March 12, 2012

A tired day!!

Today is a day of being super tired. These are discouraging days when I accomplish something and then feel defeated the next day because I'm so tired and fatigued. I know this is part of the process but still a little discouraged. I did a little more cleaning this morning but quickly began to get shakey.

The temporary countertop is just amazing and really shows off the counters and new storage space. It will be great to have things run smoothly and in its place.

I made an appointment with the new physical therapy place that will working on me from now on and I'm rather excited. I've been hurting a lot this week to the point where reading is difficult. I'm looking forward to working hard to the next level and I think Jenn Lee can do that for me. She was amazing the last time I went to her and communicates very well. It will be worth the drive into Goodyear as I will be coordinating it with other activities we have going on. I plan to look for a new gym also and we are considering going back to Lifetime Fitness. They have an amazing facility and a location in Scottsdale. We loved it there when we were previous members. I know they have what I need to reach the next level to recovery.

Today I'm hurting in the head, neck, and very dizzy. The arm is numb and I was very fatigued. I'm glad that I served leftovers tonight for dinner because I don't think I could have cooked dinner.

Tomorrow is a new day with new blessings. I know there will be challenges but the blessings I'm sure will be huge.

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