Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here is to a better week!

I'm still awake and still exhausted from this past week. We had a power outage last night and I was disturbed while sleeping to give me updates of how that was going and yes it was during sleeping hours. I just try to not stress out about things like this when it's dark outside. It did get me thinking about few things which was great but then I started to overthink.

I found a wonderful wood table with great wood chairs that would be a great repurpose project. I emailed the people that have it on Craigslist so I'm hoping to hear back from them. I like the chairs more than anything. They have tons of potential.

I'm still so tired so there isn't really anything new to report at this point but I vowed to myself that I will try to post daily or close to it. I'm working on designing a patio garden for my front patio this weekend. We really want a wonderful colorful area to sit and enjoy along with something beautiful to look at. I think our family and neighbors will love it.

I hope all is well with everyone and that you join my blog to hear all the exciting things we have planned for the spring/summer. I don't promise anything but I really hope to do some awesome projects or should I say WE. I get the ideas and put everyone to work putting them together. I really can't wait to use power tools again.

I'm on week two with my new glasses and I've decided to keep them. They are nice, stylish, Prada (lol) and work better than the readers I was using.

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