Friday, October 14, 2011


Today has been a nice day despite the physical therapy I had yesterday. I'm pretty sore but I expected it and I see it as a big day of a new beginning. How lovely it will be when I'm a whole person again. I can now hold a larger glass which is my first milestone according the Physical Therapist. It was nice to receive encouragement and peace of mind. I was expecting too much from myself so all the discouragement left me once he shared with me how the bones heal and settle. He also shared with me all that is involved with this kind of surgery for the norm post surgery. I guess they usually see one maybe two verbraes but mine was five so it's more PT and a longer recovery. I knew that but didn't think that it would be for everything. I am rambling and foggy but wanted to track my progress. I didn't have PT today and I've been hurting all day so this is a good thing. I hope to do some stretches tomorrow at home and on Sunday to push myself further. I think I over did it yesterday. I need to get this right arm working again and it's not since surgery. I pray that it is not permanent and the PT gets it back to normal. I am digging into faith and holding unto that more than anything. I have all that I need in Jesus. Thanks for listening to me ramble.