Sunday, June 13, 2010


First let me apologize to those who have commented or have tried to follow my blog. It's fixed finally. I don't know how but it is working.

Today I'm working on a menu for 30 days and trying some new recipes and old family favorites. I will share with you my monthly menu once I have it all done and finalized. I think menus are super important for many reasons. It helps you keep organized and you save money. I usually duplicate some of the recipes by doubling them and then sticking them into the freezer. I am going to use as many fresh ingredients as possible. I will share the cost of the ingredients and give you helpful tips. We will be shopping the ads so that we can maximize our savings and buy something ahead of time that we may need later in the month. Please keep in mind that my servings and recipes feed six people and they eat adult portions.

Tonight we made Baked Spinach Ziti with a side salad. I will share the recipe you later.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is a wonderful fun way to be green. I live in a rental house so this adds to my challenge to garden that some of you don't have. I am growing my garden in pots mainly. I have a puppy that likes to dig up everything I plant. He then gives me the puppy face as he crouches down knowing he's a bad boy. Oh yeah, back to gardening.

I have a pepper plant in the house with the intent to put it in a container but you can grow them indoors. The tomato that I planted in a container was ripped from its container by said puppy and it almost died. Thankfully it survived and now has tomatoes on it. I have a thriving basil plant on my window sill and its growing like crazy. I do have knats that I need to get rid of but want to do it organically. If you know of a way to do this please share. I will let you know what I come up with. I heard Lemongrass essential oils works but I can't find mine. I am trying not to use a pesticide since this is an organic plant. I also have a banana tree from Guam that had a baby in the same pot and we transplanted it a few days ago so now I have two banana trees. Thanks Rhonda we sure do love them. I have Aloe Veras that mostly went into the ground and are now in shock and purple. We put a few in a pot so that we could have some to move around. Thanks Tonya for this lovely blessing. Lastly we have seeds that we are in the process of growing and can't wait to plant those in the planters I intend to build for them. We are a little late but still in season with those. I want more tomatoes but we will see if I can get more.

Anyone have a peach tree in hot climate? We would love to plant one. Not sure if they can handle pots (huge) or not but would love it if they can. Most of what I have is organic and what I have that didn't start as organic is being treated organically now.

Bottled Water

I'm not sure about this template and it's function but please share your opinion if you have one. I know you are navigating yourselves around. I'm new to blogging but wanted something sharing my love for trees and natural beauty. It's truely Gods wonderful creation.

Today I'm just hoping to get this blog looking less boring and playing around with it.

There has been big talk about bottled water. Friend or Foe I personally don't use bottled water if at all possible. I just don't like the thought of those bottles sitting on a truck heating up and releasing all the baddies within them. The plastic has been known to carry Toxins and Pollutants and the water is like drinking from the tab anyways and tests show much of what we are trying to eliminate is still there in the bottle. Use a good filter or filter system at home and get a good water bottle. You will save money.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My name is Pamela. I want to share with you my many wonderful tips on saving money in a healthy way. I don't mean coupon clipping although this is a great way to save money but doesn't always mean healthy. I've learned so much about health and why we are unhealthy so much of the time.

I'm a mom of four and want nothing more than to feed my family good food for low cost. When I say good food, I mean healthy good whole foods. I try to buy and prepare whole foods and not from the can or box. It's tough in this economy but our food supply is full of very bad stuff. I try to buy organic or from local farmers when I can but it's not always an option for me.

I hope to share with you my journey to healthy living through this blog and really hope you enjoy it as much as I will sharing it with you.

I will be adding recipes for various things in the weeks to come and I hope I can keep up with your reading.