Sunday, June 13, 2010


First let me apologize to those who have commented or have tried to follow my blog. It's fixed finally. I don't know how but it is working.

Today I'm working on a menu for 30 days and trying some new recipes and old family favorites. I will share with you my monthly menu once I have it all done and finalized. I think menus are super important for many reasons. It helps you keep organized and you save money. I usually duplicate some of the recipes by doubling them and then sticking them into the freezer. I am going to use as many fresh ingredients as possible. I will share the cost of the ingredients and give you helpful tips. We will be shopping the ads so that we can maximize our savings and buy something ahead of time that we may need later in the month. Please keep in mind that my servings and recipes feed six people and they eat adult portions.

Tonight we made Baked Spinach Ziti with a side salad. I will share the recipe you later.

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