Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bottled Water

I'm not sure about this template and it's function but please share your opinion if you have one. I know you are navigating yourselves around. I'm new to blogging but wanted something sharing my love for trees and natural beauty. It's truely Gods wonderful creation.

Today I'm just hoping to get this blog looking less boring and playing around with it.

There has been big talk about bottled water. Friend or Foe I personally don't use bottled water if at all possible. I just don't like the thought of those bottles sitting on a truck heating up and releasing all the baddies within them. The plastic has been known to carry Toxins and Pollutants and the water is like drinking from the tab anyways and tests show much of what we are trying to eliminate is still there in the bottle. Use a good filter or filter system at home and get a good water bottle. You will save money.

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