Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Me, New Life!

I've been talking about being normal or longing to be normal again. The loving friends I have in my life reminded me about what was broken in my life, mind and body. It was suggested that I think about the new and improved me and I've decided to focus on this rather than go back to the broken girl I use to be. I've decided that this perspective was so wonderful that I would indeed focus on this from now on. I've been through so much and although I have not shared this on my blog, I have been encouraged to do this more often. People learn so much from other peoples experiences and I'm hoping that I can inspire or encourage someone along the way.

Last week I went on my six month visit with my surgeon who reminded me that I had major major surgery and that it was completely normal to tire easily. I guess I expect more from myself and I've been told that I'm doing very well despite all my challenges. The challenges I have is the numbness of my right hand and arm, numbness in my legs and the face and head hurting often. I am doing more and more each week with another year of physical therapy without knowing what that final outcome will be. The unknown is scary and I try really hard to put that out of my mind. I can't handle certain sounds very well and any drama in the house is super tough for me to handle. How does one parent teenage boys and avoid drama? My family is rock solid and I'm lucky to have that rock solid marriage that can handle this kind of bump in the road. I just celebrated 25 years of marriage on February 21st. I can't imagine life without my hubby, he is amazing. God blessed me with the right man to live my life, grow old and have children with all these years. If you can go through all that we have gone through and stay this crazy over each other then you are so blessed. My children are amazing, they really make me proud to be their mom on so many levels. I want them to know that I will be their greatest fan no matter what they do with their lives as long as they are happy, healthy and keep their values.

I appreciate all my friends, old, new and distant. I can't tell you enough times how much I love you all. I really don't think I could have handled all this without you. You encourage me when I'm down or scared, you pray for me when I'm too tired to pray myself, you love me when I'm crankie, build me up when I feel insecure, you laugh at my jokes and laugh with me when I'm really not wanting to laugh. I've been told that I'm strong, amazing and inspiring. I'm starting to believe this and with happy tears I'm getting stronger and stronger in my mind to take on new adventures. I might get well enough to write that book for the boys. They still love my stories.

Thanks for inspiring me, loving me and always praying for me!

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