Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One more Thing

Today marks a week of constant abdominal pain that hopefully will go away. They say I have a severe infection and first they gave me one antibiotic that gave me two days of peace. It has been an interesting and long week with two ER visits along with a doctor visit. It took five days for culture results that should have taken a few days. It has taken my doctor 24 hours to respond to any call. The worst part is that they didn't respond to the hospital through their doctor on call system. I'm looking for a new doctor now that I've learned my results. It's possible that I have a kidney stone or something worse. I'm just really sad that this has happened and that I have to even deal with this on top of everything else. The kidney is still sore and I'm hoping that it is okay in a few days. I'm not responding to the meds like I should be and for this I have great concern. Praying that I get better soon and that it's just a stubborn infection.

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