Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

This is always a really hard weekend for me as it represents the passing of my father and his service to our country. He went to be with Jesus May 27th, 1997 and I miss him. I celebrate his life and miss him all at once. This week in general is tough for me because I found out on Wednesday that I have spinal cord damage. This really hit me hard because I was starting to feel like I was going to get my life back only to find out how serious my situation really is. We know God is the greatest healer. It scares me, but I know my husband is the most wonderful man on the planet. He struggles with his own future (he is out of work) as we make the decision to close our business. I share this with you in the hope that you find comfort in any words that I may say. We hold onto eachother as we walk through this life altering change. He stands by me and I stand by him and together we are lifted by God. We know that neither of us stand alone and that we will take life and live it to it's fullest in faith. We will always have faith and trust in Gods promises.. We pray for healing, favor and wisdom.

Today and everyday, we thank those men and women who have written a blank check to protect us and our freedoms. We know that they sacrafice everything for the freedoms that so many complain about. We miss our family terribly and pray for their safety. We know that they are doing what they need to do and do it with pride.

Thanks for everything and May God keep you in the palm of his hands.

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